Our mission is to be your company’s coach and assure you are best prepared for your “event”… whether it is to obtain new loan(s): attract equity capital; require turn-around management, implementing cost reductions or bankruptcy assistance; expand your revenue base to attract licensees or international customers; position your business for sale; or, to target a company to acquire and perform due diligence and provide valuation expertise.

We bring the Vantera Partners team members with the relevant experience for your event, and we combine our numerous relationships to complement your professional team.  Our partners help you develop the right business plan, the right financial model, the right structure, the right pricing for your event, and when needed, we can provide you with interim or long term key management personnel to achieve your goal.

If you need to expand your professional team, we provide excellent referrals to…a complete cross-section of debt providers; investment banks with whom we work regularly; a re-known benefits planning group; several insurance providers who can underwrite coverages required by many purchase and sales agreements ; a sales and team-building training provider; a shareholder mediation services firm that also provides management recruitment and outplacement;  and attorneys and accountants from both large and small firms- all of who are cost effective and personal.

Vantera adds value because we have owned business interests and treat our clients like we want to be treated.  We are Impact Driven.