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April 28, 2015 | Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Klein recently became an advisory board member of Information Systems Securities Association, Los Angeles Chapter ( Vantera Partner is a Community Sponsor for the 7th Annual Information Security Summit on June 4, 2015 ( at the Los Angeles Convention Center with over 800 attendees that have already registered to date.  This Cyber Security conference is for for-profit and non-profit Executives, Board of Directors and Trusted Advisors, bringing together organization leaders, I.T. security professionals and law enforcement for a unique day of networking, collaboration and education. If you have any questions and would like to request a discount for the conference, please email Mr. Klein at


April 10, 2015 | Newport Beach, CA

We are seeking to ACQUIRE profitable DATA CENTERS and MANAGED SERVICE PROVIDERS (i.e. IAAS, Managed Cloud) that operate in the West Coast region, but would consider other regions in the U.S that are doing approx. $10M revenues (min., but would make exceptions) as part of a roll-up strategy.

We have several key C-level executives that have a track record in the I.T./Data Center sectors that would be part of the team along with our capital partners. Should you have an opportunity in this sector or relationships with Data Center/MSP operators that are seeking a partial or full exit feel free to let us know by contacting Mr. Klein at

The New

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website,  The Vantera Partners . . .+Impact Driven theme brings out our core contribution.  We are committed to being the difference maker for each of our clients.  

We have expanded our website to provide you the information that will help you understand our unique approach and provide the service that you expect.  

We have added new Partners and Project Partners to introduce to you.  

Our Projects area will let you know not only what we’ve done, but also the projects we are working now.  We think that you will appreciate the broad industry capability that a small firm like Vantera Partnersoffers.

7th Sense Media | Brand[fiziks]2 helped us define our vision, and they are responsible for our updated look and identity.  They have worked with our firm on several projects the past few years, and Brian Thompson has relocated to Southern California from Nashville to work even closer.  They are available to work with you on your corporate identity and marketing plans.  See them at

Enjoy the new